About Jeremiah Blue


eremiah Blue engages writing across multiple genres: non-fiction and memoir, spoken word/poetry, fiction and screenwriting, as well as food/wine/culture blogging.

Blue got his start in writing during his undergraduate years in Los Angeles, CA, performing in venues across the LA area, including the nationally popular show, Da Poetry Lounge.   As a performer/spoken word poet, he gained notoriety on his college campus, before moving to Arizona.  Now a resident of the Phoenix area for the past decade, Blue has split his time in the arts as a writer, performer, organizer, and host/MC.

As Co-founder and Director of the Downtown Poetry Slam and Executive Director of the Copper State Poetry Slam Championship, he has been an active community leader and participant in the greater Phoenix area since 2006.
Blue has won the title of Phoenix Poetry Slam Champion three times, representing the city at two National Poetry Slams and the Individual World Poetry Slam.   His poetry has been presented at colleges and incorporated into college course work, as well as being featured in radio shows, museums, and venues throughout the country.

Blue was recently accepted into the Creative Writing program at the graduate school of Wilkes University, where he is currently working on his first full-length book of memoir, for his Master of Arts (M.A.).   Following the M.A., he will continue on to his Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.), scheduled for completion in Spring 2017.

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